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8431160011 Two charges on my bill yet never phoned this number.
2036775530 Don't ring it it's a scam
1413750901 They rang on 15/12/2016 but as I have BT Call blocked they never got through. Obviously a scam because the blocker asks for your name and states the call is being monitored. The caller must have hung up because the phone won't ring if they don't give any
8432898061 Just got a text from Santander asking if I made a transaction to Currys for £1940 on the 13th December 2016, I don't have and never had a Santader account however I called the number provided just to find out why I received the message. I got into a queue
3445560265 Text message says: David Laird could you please call Cabot on 03445560265 with your reference 33715091 Never heard of this name or Cabot. Just going to ignore and from what I read hear just a scam.